Luke Zwanziger
After the recession of 2008, Luke sold his car, bought a cinema camera, pitched his first original script, & never looked back. 

Since then he has worked on projects for Adobe, Nike, Apple, and more.

He writes stories that examine the absurdity and occasionally the horror of how people react when put in untenable situations. His scripts have won or placed at various competitions including PAGE, HorrOrigins, NYC Midnight, ISA Emerging Writers, FilmLabtv, and more. 

He has live directed video for over 700 multicam comedy shows including talent like Amber Ruffin, Jaime Moyer (AP BIO) and Stephnie Weir (MADtv).

He has taught and performed around the globe, from NZ to the UK. 

When he isn't writing or filming, he is eating artisanal doughnuts and indulging in some ennui.